Texan Club

Business and civic leaders in the community offer their support, time and energies to South Plains College athletics as members of the Texan Club. They take special pride in the accomplishments and achievements of SPC's athletes, both on the court and in the classroom. They also support the college's athletic program by attending many athletic events, through financial contributions and by giving their time and talents to special booster club projects.

The Texan Club has been instrumental in helping to build and maintain the winning tradition that has become synonymous with SPC athletics.

The Texan Club meets during the basketball season every Monday at noon in the Sundown Room of the SPC Student Center. Team coaches provide updates about the athletic program during the lunch meeting.

SPC is grateful for the support which members of the Texan Club have provided SPC athletics. It has made the difference between average and excellent. To become a part of this dynamic group, contact the SPC Athletic Department at (806) 894-9611, ext. 2221.